May I operate a business out of my home?
A home occupation is allowed if it is secondary to the principal residential use, does not affect the residential character of the principal use, and meets certain requirements:

  1. The occupation must take place in the principal structure, not within a garage or accessory building. This includes all storage of material related to the home occupation. A professional person may use their residence for consultation, emergency treatment or performance of religious rites, but not for the general practice of the profession when such general practice will involve the need for more than three (3) parking spaces for the occupant and visitors.

  2. Only persons residing in that residence may be engaged in the occupation; no employees from outside the home shall be permitted.

  3. The home occupation may not be visible from the street.

  4. No signs of any kind are permitted.

  5. Over-the-counter retail sales are not allowed. The entrance to the home occupation is gained from within the residential space of the home and not through a separate entrance.

Home occupations include such things as professional offices, minor repair services, photo and art studios, dress making, nurseries or child day care centers limited to 14 children, teaching limited to six students at any one time, and hair salons.

A home occupation shall not be interpreted to include tourist homes, restaurants, or similar uses.

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