Budget Information & Financial Reports

2022 Budget Information

Budget Process
The following are key dates in the 2023 Budget Process:
  • City Council conducts goal setting session in spring
  • Staff budget preparation is May through July
  • Budgets are received by City Council in July
  • Budget workshops are held during July or September
  • Scheduled to adopt preliminary budget and levy on September 8th
  • Notify the county by September 15 of council meeting date for the city’s Truth in Taxation hearing, which is typically held in early December of each year
  • County to send parcel specific notice (formerly Truth in Taxation Notice) between November 11 and November 25
  • City Council will hold the Truth in Taxation meeting, December 8th, following the Truth In Taxation meeting the City Council may consider the final adoption of the budget.
  • Deadline to certify final tax levy to county is December 30