Siding Installation

This information applies to most re-siding installations for residential construction. If there is a conflict between these requirements and the siding manufacturer’s installation instructions, the siding manufacturer’s installation instructions shall be followed. A copy of the manufacturer’s instructions should be provided with the application for the building permit or made available for the inspection.

  1. The State Building Code requires that a weather-resistive barrier be installed under the siding. This provision applies to walls of heated and unheated spaces, and includes the gable ends adjacent to attic spaces. On re-siding jobs where the soffits are removed the paper shall extend into the soffit area.
  2. The condition of the wall sheathing shall be checked by the contractor after removal of the old siding. Damaged sheathing shall be replaced. The extent of the damage will determine if other items (e.g. insulation, studs) will need to be replaced or repaired.
  3. Metal flashing/weather protection shall be installed around all openings. Other members requiring flashing/weather protection include trim, deck ledgers, and gable-end roof intersections.
  4. Vented soffit material may only be used for vented soffits. This type of material may not be used under porches or cantilevers.
  5. All J-channels shall be caulked at the joint between the windows and door trim.
  6. All penetrations must be sealed and the hose bib must be secured and sealed.


  1. Pictures of the wrap will be accepted. Pictures must be on site for the scheduled final inspection. 
  2. A Final Inspection is scheduled after all work is complete including siding, soffit, facia and all caulking. House numbers shall be reinstalled prior to the final inspection.
  3. If any electrical fixtures were removed, replaced or installed, an electrical permit is required. Electrical inspections are set up with the Electrical Inspector by calling 507-381-1791 between 7:00 am to 8:30 am Monday through Friday.

There are separate permit fees for Siding Replacement and Siding Repair. A repair permit is valid for one side/elevation of the home or less. A replacement permit will be needed for repairs greater than one side/elevation.