Redwood Pond Expansion (2020-102)

Project Description

The City of Apple Valley 2020-102 Capital Improvement Program identifies Storm water Improvements at Redwood Pond. Scope of work includes the expansion of KL-P1, Redwood Pond, located north of the intersection of Redwood Drive and 150th St West. 

This project also includes modification to the existing outlet, realignment of the existing trail as well as removal and redesign of existing park features impacted by pond modifications. The expansion of KL-P1 was one of several projects recommended in the Keller Lake Subwatershed Assessment Report, by Barr Engineering Co. in 2017.

The expansion and storm water modifications will increase the water quality treatment volume for a contributing watershed of approximately 170 acres.The expansion of the existing pond to the north and the removal of excess sediment from the basin, has been completed.  The storm water structures and pipe have also been installed.  The remaining items on the project include: permanent restoration, tree planting, and replacement of the bituminous trail.  The contractor will be on sight to finish the project this spring.

Contact the Apple Valley Engineering Department at 952-953-2426 or email for more information.

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