Code of Ordinances

The city ordinances are assembled in a book called the Code of Ordinances.  The ordinances regulate many activities within the city.  Printed copies are available for public viewing at the Apple Valley Municipal Center.

The complete Code is hosted online by American Legal Publishing.  The electronic Code is current through Ordinance 1112 or as of May 26, 2022. Ordinances passed after that date can be found here.

As new ordinances or ordinance amendments are proposed, they will be posted through the News feature and can be found below.  You can sign up to receive e-mail updates as new ordinance proposals are posted. 

code book open on desk with other code books in background

Commonly Referenced Ordinances in Summary Form


 Beginning August 1, 2017, the ordinances listed below will be considered by the City Council in approximately two weeks from the date the proposed ordinance was posted.

 Note:  Generally, text proposed to be deleted from an existing ordinance is shown in strike-through format and text proposed to be added to an existing ordinance is shown in underlined format.