Code Enforcement

  • Addresses questions and concerns our residents and local business owners have regarding city ordinance guidelines and possible violations of properties 
  • Listens to each report to determine whether it is an issue that requires an inspection and follow-up, dispatching to the appropriate city department; or if it is a civil issue to be handled outside of the confines of city government 
  • Offers advice on how to stay in compliance within the guidelines of the ordinances 
  • Promotes public awareness and actively addresses city code violations

Tips on Managing Trash and Recycling Containers
Attached at the following link is a powerpoint that explains trash container storage requirements and shares best practices for container storage.

  1. Dakota County Offers Reduced Fee Mattress Curbside Collection!

    Do you have mattresses and/or box springs that are no longer needed? Dakota County and Certified Recycling is offering reduce rate curbside pick-up now through September 6, 2021. Read on...
  2. Update the exterior features of your home while increasing curb appeal and value of your property!

    Updating exterior features can add curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Exterior improvements can be recouped through resale by as much as 90% or more. Read on...
  3. Do your part to keep your neighborhood free of nuisance conditions!

    Public nuisances are conditions have detrimental effects on the general health, safety, and welfare of the public. Read on...
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