Apple Valley Business Watch

Business Watch
Apple Valley Business Watch is a non-profit organization made up of business members in Apple Valley and surrounding communities.  Apple Valley Business Watch provides training and crime prevention information to Apple Valley Businesses.

Benefits of Apple Valley Business Watch
Businesses that joint Apple Valley Business Watch are afforded many benefits including:
  • Email updates with information on police calls in the business community, crime alerts and crime prevention tips.
  • A police contact within the Police Department.    
  • On-site security surveys.
  • Access to training opportunities.
  • Business Watch decals for your doors.

Networking Opportunities with your Neighboring Businesses
Members are invited to attend informational meetings sponsored by the Apple Valley Business Watch.  The meetings are held in the spring and fall of each year and feature a guest speaker invited to speak on a topic relevant to businesses in Apple Valley.  Refreshments are served compliments of the Apple Valley Police Department.  The Business Watch also holds an annual summer picnic in conjunction with Minnesota Night to Unite and features food and raffle drawings.

Overall, membership in Apple Valley Business Watch is an excellent way for businesses to keep in contact and network on issues specific to doing business in Apple Valley.  The information sharing aspect is invaluable and membership in this program builds cohesiveness in the Apple Valley business community.

For more information on how to become a member of Apple Valley Business Watch, please contact Officer Jeff Weber at (952) 953-2874 or by e-mail or visit their website at

Minnesota Crime Alert Network
The Crime Alert Network, a statewide program, allows participating law enforcement agencies to send e-mail messages alerting recipients to criminal information or crime trends that may affect their business, institution, organization or neighborhood.  This program is available to all businesses, schools, Neighborhood Watch forces and law enforcement agencies in the city.  To enroll your home or business, please call Crime Prevention Specialist Pam Walter at (952) 953-2706.